Iron Chef Morimoto and Global Grub Partner to Create the Morimoto Mochi Donut Kit

‘It’s been an honor to work with Carley and the Global Grub team to create a DIY Mochi Donut Kit. I love that we could combine a Japanese and American favorite into one delicious treat,’ said Chef Morimoto. NEW YORK (PRWEB) August 11, 2022 Iron Chef Morimoto and Global Grub are excited to announce their Morimoto Mochi Donut Kit collaboration. Together they curate a fun and easy cooking experience from their homes to yours, offering at-home bakers the opportunity to try their hands at cooking like a master chef.

Banana peels make sugar cookies better for you

‘Effect of the Addition of Banana Peel Flour on the Shelf Life and Antioxidant Properties of Cookies’
ACS Food Science & Technology
Banana peels aren’t always destined for the trash or compost anymore. They’re making their way onto people’s plates, replacing pork in ‘pulled peel’ sandwiches and getting fried up into ‘bacon.’ And now, researchers reporting in ACS Food Science & Technology show that incorporating banana peel flour into sugar cookie batter makes the treats more healthful. In taste tests, cookies enriched with some banana peel flour were more satisfying than those baked with wheat flour alone.

The Best Restaurants In The Short North

But one thing that has remained consistent is that the neighborhood continues to be a go-to destination for some truly delicious spots to grab a bite to eat. From fine dining to casual lunch, the restaurants in the Short North are innovative, exciting, and iconic all in one neighborhood.
There’s plenty of mouthwatering deliciousness ahead, so let’s stop chatting and start planning our next meal!
Arch City Tavern
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Known for its tavern sandwiches, Arch City Tavern is a great place to grab a casual bite to eat and drink with friends.

11 Foods To Cook With Your Air Fryer This Semester

Air fryers have become a popular kitchen appliance in the past few years thanks to their compactness and versatility. This also makes them the perfect kitchen appliance for college students who may not have much counter space in their kitchens. Air-fried foods are also a healthier alternative to deep-fried foods, which many college students resort to eating in order to save money. However, investing in an air fryer can save you a lot of money in the long run and you may even spend less than you would when buying greasy fast food or frying food on your stove.

Type 2 diabetes: How eating QUINOA every day could stave off disease

Eating quinoa every day could help to stave off type 2 diabetes, research suggests.
Spanish experts tested the effects of the superfood by recruiting nine people over the age of 65 who had pre-diabetes.
Pre-diabetes is a dangerous condition where blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not yet at the levels to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes.
Volunteers were delivered meals three times a day that switched out potatoes, rice or legumes for quinoa grains.
Over the same time, they were given foods made with quinoa flour, including pasta, cakes, bread and crackers.

Grocery Shopping Hacks to Beat Inflation

Jul 05, 2022 8:55 AM Author: University of Utah Health Communications Información en español With grocery prices on the rise, it can be challenging to put food on the table without breaking the bank. Here are some simple ways to eat well on a shoestring budget. Cost-Cutting Cuts Choose these low-cost meats for healthy homemade recipes that will feed the whole family at a fraction of the cost of takeout.

Ground beef
Round steak
Bone-in pork chops
Whole chicken

Embrace Meatless Mondays Swap meat-filled recipes with these thrifty protein sources that are rich in fiber and nutrients.

Bimbo Bakeries USA joins Walmart for its Ninth Annual ‘Fight Hunger. Spark Change.’ Campaign

HORSHAM, Pa., April 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc. is teaming up with Walmart for its 2022 ‘Fight Hunger. Spark Change.’ campaign. Now in its ninth year, the campaign works with local Feeding America® food banks to help secure meals for those facing food insecurity. Each day one in eight Americans faces hunger and food insecurity, a problem affecting every community in the country. To help combat this issue, Walmart is working with national brands and organizations to benefit all 200 Feeding America member food banks.

Toyota Motor : Nissin Foods and Toyota Partner to Realize Well-Being for All Through Food

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Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. Toyota Motor Corporation Woven Planet Holdings, Inc. Tokyo, Japan, April 26, 2022―Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. (Nissin Foods) and Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) have initiated an agreement to jointly foster human well-being through healthy eating. This proposed plan will explore using Nissin’s innovative food offering, based on the latest molecular nutritional science, to provide personalized, delicious, and healthy “Complete Nutrition Meals” for Woven City.