Neon Museum Las Vegas: What to Expect

The Neon Museum, a non-profit organization, salvages and repairs as much neon from Vegas as possible. Las Vegas’ most beloved landmark is the bright neon sign. This collection is part of the Neon Museum Boneyard, which has a wide variety. These collections of old signs can be toured in-person or virtually. Plus, the tours at this museum are offered by knowledgeable and engaging guides, making it a memorable experience.

Neon Museum Tours

A personal tour of the landmark neon signs is an excellent way to see them up close and personal. It’s a fascinating visual history of America’s most iconic playgrounds. You can explore two areas: The Boneyard North and The Boneyard North.

Every outdoor space has a collection of unique neon signs. Many of these were donated by private collectors who want to preserve Las Vegas’ history. The signs are all in good condition and have been restored to their original glory. This exhibit has fewer lights because of the fact that Boneyard North contains more signs in need of restoration.

For your personal tour, you can be your own guide. The hour-long tour is the most affordable option for an in-person tour. The Boneyard is open to visitors at their own pace. You may also choose to spend more time in particular areas.

Are the lights on at the Neon Museum?

The Neon Museum Boneyard houses a selection of iconic neon signs from Las Vegas that date back to years past. Unfortunately, not all signs are in good working order. Some require extensive restoration. This is why not all signs can be lit up. However, many are and they still offer a stunning night view.

Tickets to the Neon Museum

Prices for tickets to the Neon Museum depend on what experience you take and the type of tour that you select. Members of the Neon Museum receive complimentary admission to all tours. All children under 6 years old are admitted free of charge. Guided tours are offered as well for a 45-minute tour through the Neon Museum. Locals can opt for $28 or $24 to take a guide.

Is the Neon Museum located Outside?

The collections of the Neon Museum can be found outside, in Boneyard North and Boneyard South exhibits. Although the Neon Museum has an indoor visitor area, its main collections are still outside.

Neon Museum Hours

On most days, the Boneyard collection is available at the Neon Museum from 2 to 10 pm. The collection’s location outside can cause delays, particularly in extreme weather conditions such as high winds and heavy rain. The Neon Museum is happy to accommodate guests if a tour has to be canceled due to bad weather and will schedule another time.